About Us

Myisrael is home to life-changing causes in Israel that fall under-the-radar of the UK Jewish community.

Our approach to giving is pure, simple, direct and has maximum impact.


We champion the little guy

Our charities are all independent and exist purely for the purpose of helping people in need. Only by being adopted by Myisrael are they able to reach a UK audience. They are located across Israel and tend to have modest teams and modest budgets but huge visions and ambitions.


We have a 360 degree support model

We carry out a thorough vetting process to ensure that each of our charities are great at what they do and transparent in the way that they do it. Through this process we identify where they need help and invest time in understanding their needs. We offer guidance in how to improve their operational efficiencies, their fundraising strategy and donor communications, and we create opportunities for our charities to reach new supporters in the UK.


We believe in tailoring the giving experience

We enable each of our donors to donate to the adopted charity that they feel most passionate about. We’ll help them decide how they want to donate and we’ll create a unique opportunity if they are looking for something special.


We commit to the 100% Model

We make a bold promise to the public that every penny they donate will go directly to our adopted charities. We can do this because we have ‘angels’ who recognise the impact of a major gift to our operating costs and donate specifically for that purpose.


How to get in touch 

Visit our website at www.myisraelcharity.org or call us on 020 3004 8994 or you can email finance@myisraelcharity.org


Myisrael is a UK registered charity - 1121960