How it works

Myisrael offer a selection of great gift idea that works for children of all ages and adults as well. 

Myisrael supports 18 under-the-radar causes in Israel who are transforming the lives of people in need. We’ve partnered with some of our causes to enable you to buy a 'gift' that could transform someone’s life forever. And give your loved ones a very special  experience at the same time.

The simple way to give a gift that has real value

  1. Select your gift/s from the Myisrael store for any occasion.
  2. Choose how you want the card to be received from the following options:
  • Send a personalised card direct to the recipient (you can tell us what you want the card to say and we will write it for you!)
  • Have a card sent to you for you to sign and deliver personally
  • Or send a digital e-card which are perfect for last minute gifts or to send internationally.

Finally, help us to spread the word by posting on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages.